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Teaching experience

Josie Quick is a highly qualified violin teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience. During that time she has taught students ranging from four to eighty-four, begining to advanced. Josie is certified in Suzuki Violin Pedagogy, and has a strong foundation in traditional (non Suzuki) training.

Styles Josie teaches

In addition to classical repertoire, Josie teaches contemporary styles such as rock, jazz, blues, and fiddle. She teaches adult classes in Fiddle, Blues Fiddle, and Improvisation at the Swallow Hill Music Association.

Teaching philosophy

Josie’s approach emphasizes ease, relaxation, and technique. These lead to a beautiful sound, which in turn leads to enjoying music making to its fullest.   Pushing her students without being heavy handed, she prefers to encourage them to strive for their full potential. She believes it’s important to have the ability to play by ear as well as read music, and works for a balance between the two. She loves to share her knowledge of the violin, and this is evident in her enthusiasm and dedication to teaching.

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